What are Cornerstone Elements?

Cornerstone Elements

Once you have built your page structure using Sections, Rows, and Columns in Cornerstone, next comes the actual content for the page. The content is added using Elements. This is where Cornerstone gets really interesting. There are currently over 40 different elements to choose from – and often more are added with each Cornerstone update! Each element functions in a unique way.

You build your content by simply selecting an element and dragging and dropping it into a column. It’s that easy! Some of the more common elements almost every page utilizes are:

  • Custom Headlines – create different headings or titles on the page.
  • Text – a text editor that allows the user to add large blocks of text.
  • Button – completely customizable. You can control the button shape, size, colours, and style.
  • Accordion – boxes that a user can click to drop down more information. Often used on FAQ pages.
  • Image – seamlessly integrate your images within your content.
  • Map – 100% customizable map. You can specify a map layout: zoom control, draggable, map hue (colour), and multiple pin locations.
  • Icons – hundreds of icons available to choose from. Icons are created by Font Awesome. See full list of available icons here.

Want to see these elements in action, or want to learn more about all the elements available in cornerstone, click here

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Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies