Voice Commands Continue to Change Search

SEO is changing due to virtual assistants

The second idea you should be aware of is the increased focus on local search. Local search will help you capture “near me” and other instant intent searches. By optimizing your various business listings you can build a cloud of location based information to feed the local search algorithm. Google My Business pages are a very good source of information that voice search can easily access without leaving the search results. Making sure your company name, phone number, address, postal code, hours of operation, and any other relevant details are all correct, identical, and up-to-date will go a long way to improving your local search results.


As voice search continues to improve so will it’s adoption. As it grows it will continue to shape and change the way search engines read, index, and serve webpages. This means we, as business owners and marketers, need to be willing to adapt. Content on our websites need to be continually revived and optimized. As of yet we are not at the point where keywords are irrelevant and still need to be given due time, however, when creating new content think about writing it as though you were speaking naturally and not just for search engines.


Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies