Diane Askin

Founder, Web Consultant

With a penchant for computers held over from her high school days in the 70’s, the introduction of the PC was an exciting time for Diane. Encouraging her employer to introduce word processing and spreadsheets to the workplace, she became absorbed in her work. A passion was born and converting a manual payroll system to computer application was just the beginning.

The introduction of the Internet and websites provided an exciting new challenge in the mid 1990’s. Diane was soon writing HTML and creating business websites as a contractor for an IT company in Surrey. In the late 90’s she started NetClimber Web Design & Publishing, as a one-person operation working from a home office. Today, NetClimber has moved to its third location to accommodate a growing staff and offer more web-based services.

Technology is constantly evolving and Diane recognizes the importance of staying current in all aspects of it, including social networking and web marketing. With a niche for understanding each NetClimber client’s unique needs, Diane values and respects the importance of superior customer service. Furthermore, she is always willing to share the wealth of resources she’s gained through ongoing involvement in both business and community initiatives.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies