My Yellow Pages Contract is Renewing – What Do I Do?

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Should I Renew My Yellow Pages Contract?

This is a question we get a lot from clients. We always make sure to ask the client the following questions:

  • Is your Yellow Pages contract coming up for renewal?
  • Do you want to confirm if the Yellow Pages monthly contract is benefiting your business?
  • Do the online links bring relevant traffic to your website?
  • Are the Yellow Pages online ads engaging visitors?

How To See Yellow Pages Traffic in Analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you should be able to get the answers to these questions and many more.  Let’s start with the question, “Is the Yellow Pages site sending traffic to your website?”.  To answer this question, have a look at your Referrer report in Google Analytics.

Login to Google Analytics. Select ACQUISITION … All Traffic … Referrals.


Yellow Pages Referrer Report in Google Analytics


Then search for “yellow“, which will allow you to see the traffic from various Yellow Pages sites.  You will also want to search for “yp”  as this is the name of their mobile site.


Filter Referrer Google Analytics Report


Next, let’s adjust the date range for this report (top right hand corner).  We recommend that you change this date range to the previous year or previous contract period.  In this case, we have selected a range from January 2016 to July 2017. Now review the amount of referral traffic that has come to your website from the various Yellow Pages sites.


Change Date on Google Analytics Report


As you can see from the screen shot below, the Yellow Pages traffic has been declining since January 2016. You can also see that there are a few different Yellow Pages sites sending that traffic.  Over the last 18 months, the average engagement of the visitors to your site from the Yellow Pages has been good – on average they have reviewed about 4 site pages and spend 1 to 2 minutes on the website.  As this is an average for 18 months, we would recommend the adjustment of the date range on the report to 2017 (only). This will allow you to review the averages of the most recent traffic separately.


Review Yellow Pages Engagement on Website

Evaluating Value of Yellow Pages Contracts

You now need to consider if this traffic is worth the monthly contract price you are paying for Yellow Pages? Other considerations, include:

  1. How competitive your local market is?
  2. How does your website appear in the search results for your key searches?
  3. Does your site appear above or below the Yellow Pages sites?
  4. If the Yellow pages site is ranked higher than your site, where does your site appear within this page of Yellow Pages results?
    • Note: As this placement will randomly adjust conduct this test a few times.

Yellow Pages PPC

The next item to review, will depend on the type of Yellow Pages contract that you have enrolled in. If Yellow Pages is also running Adwords (online pay-per-click advertising) for your business, you will want to check the engagement of the paid visitors with your website as well.  This may be a little harder to determine.  As a general rule, Yellow Pages doesn’t usually establish the connection between your Adwords account and your Google Analytics account so this traffic can be easier reviewed. If you are going to continue with the Yellow Pages paid online ads then I would suggest that you ask Yellow Pages to establish this connection now so you can review the engagement of the paid clicks to your site. It is also recommended to track the click from a paid ad to a conversion on your site.  A conversion may be a phone call, the completion of a contact/quote/inquiry form, downloading of a PDF or online purchase.

Now that you have the data of how the Yellow Pages visitors are engaging with your website, you can compare this traffic to your overall site traffic and you can compare it to the cost of the Yellow Pages contract to determine if you are receiving an appropriate return on your investment.


In addition here are a few suggestions when it comes to running paid online advertising campaigns. Remember to work very closely with the Agency that is creating and monitoring your paid online advertising. One of the prime advantages of Google Adwords is that you can quickly adjust and change your campaign settings to match your business goals and budgets.  We recommend that you always look for a certified Google Partner agency to work with.  This certification means that staff within the agency have passed at least two of the Google Adwords certification exams on an annual basis.

As a certified Google Partner, NetClimber Web design is up on the current strategies to deliver the best return on your paid online advertising investments.  We also provide weekly reporting to our clients so they can easily review the progress and ask for account adjustments when needed.


Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies