Why We Recommend Using Gravity Forms On Your Website

Gravity Form integration into web design in Ladner BC

Do you have a form or multiple forms on your WordPress website? We highly recommend using the Gravity Forms plugin to power the forms on your site. Gravity Forms allows you to quickly and easily create flexible website forms that are secure, advanced, and most importantly custom to your business.

One amazing feature of Gravity Forms is that it not only sends you form submissions via email, but it also stores all form entries which you can access from your WordPress Dashboard. This feature is extremely beneficial if you do not have access to or lose access to your email. Other form plugins may not have this feature, therefore it can be very disheartening to find out you have missed potential business because you never received the notification email from your website form. You can rest easy knowing that you will not miss any form submissions with Gravity Forms’ Entries fall back within your WordPress Dashboard.

Gravity Forms boasts various other features such as a user friendly form builder interface that allows you to quickly build advanced forms with 100% customizable confirmation messages. Gravity Forms also seamlessly integrates with various third party applications you may already be utilizing for your business – such as PayPal, MailChimp, and many more.

It is extremely important that your entire website is mobile friendly for optimal user experience on any device. It can look unprofessional and deter users when your form is not mobile responsive, especially when the rest of your website is responsive. Gravity Forms is optimized for mobile devices whereas other form plugins may not be.

Although Gravity Forms is not a free plugin, the price is well worth it, we have purchased a developers licence for the benefit of NetClimber’s clients allowing us to provide it at a lower rate. Many of our websites utilize this powerful form builder – from the most simplistic contact form to more complex and robust forms (for example, a request a quote form). Contact us if you are interested in switching to Gravity Forms. We would be happy to discuss your company’s requirements.

The Gravity Forms plugin is at the top of the market when it comes to form builder plugins. No other form plugin offers this many features on such a user friendly interface.

Still unsure? You can “test drive” Gravity Forms on a demo website.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies