Privacy & Your Domain Registration

The Problem

In recent months we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of spam calls and emails to either ourselves or our clients directly following a domain registration or renewal. As part of the domain registration process the company that you purchased your domain from must log your contact details into the WHOIS database. This is a public database that displays the registrant, admin contact, and technical contact for each domain.

The spammers use an automated system to crawl and flag any new domain registrations, renewals, or transfers. Once flagged they extract the contact information as listed and start spamming with calls and emails. The goal of these spammers varies, however, the large majority are faux-SEO or website marketing services.

The Solution

With the increased amount of spam out there it is imperative to protect and shield yourself whenever possible.

This is why we now suggest our clients invest in a private domain registration. For an extra fee your domain registration platform will hide key points of data including owner name, phone number, and email address from the public. This makes it harder for spammers to flag your information and look up your contact details.

A private domain registration typically runs between $5-$9 per renewal. This is a very small price to pay for privacy and peace of mind.

For more information about private domain registration and protecting yourself from spammers contact us.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies