Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring & Response Package

$950/year per website

Do you have a WordPress website? Then this essential package is for you. While it may seem like an unnecessary level of security – when a website has been hacked due to lack of code updates – it can be a very expensive fix. This all-important package provides protection against hackers and keeps the core code and plug-ins updated.

WordPress has become the most used website Content Management System in the world. With its popularity, this powerful platform has also become very well supported by the open source community and many developers are creating a number of great themes (designs) and plugins (that add-on functionality) that make WordPress better and better every day. Unfortunately, it also attracts members of the hacker community, people who target the most popular code to find ways to disrupt the life of your business and your clients. Everyday they are looking for new ways to infiltrate WordPress sites. In order to combat this, WordPress releases a core update every three months, as well as security updates whenever they are required. In addition to this, the plugins and themes are often updated by their developers to remain compatible and secure.

In response to this, NetClimber offers this package for protection against these risks and to ensure that clients have their website code up to date. Ensuring your code is up to date not only offers the highest level of security but it also means your site will continue to perform as expected from both a design and functionality perspective. Although there are no guarantees a site will never be hacked, taking these pro-active steps deters hacking and provides prompt response where a site is compromised. Implementing our Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring and Response Package will provide you with regular updates performed promptly and efficiently, staying current with the best practices guidelines for WordPress environments.

Although having your website hacked is much more unlikely with this package in place, as a subscriber to our Pro-Active Maintenance, Monitoring & Response Package, you will receive a discounted rate of $75/hour for any corrective work required in the event of a hack.

NOTE: Charges for plugin and theme compatibility issues, and other unusual items may incur additional charges.

See the links below for more definition of all the services this package includes.

Price: $950/year

What's Included:

This package* includes the most recent updates throughout the year. It includes implementation and management of services to protect and enhance your site for:

*restrictions may apply as follows

  • WordPress websites must be updated to version 5.5 or greater, or may require additional updates prior to implementation of this service.
  • WordPress websites with databases of 500 MB or greater may not be eligible.
  • Two Factor Authentication is recommended for e-commerce sites. This will be at an additional cost of $75 to setup Google Profile and API Key.

For more information about what this package includes and why it is important to your unique website, please contact us today.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies