Product Informational Website

Trumer Schutzbauten

Trumer Schutzbauten, an international company, providing solutions to construction companies and stakeholders with geohazard mitigation needs, contacted NetClimber to develop a website with a unique database of their products and specifications. This very detailed website provides Trumer clients with Application, Classification, Support Structure, Certification, Data Sheets and Installation Manuals for over 50 of their products. It includes private data for members only, a video gallery and other resources.

Trumer Schutzbauten website before redesign

Trumer Schutzbauten website before NetClimber’s re-design.

The site was developed using the WordPress platform with a custom theme. The menu style and management is very unique and some plugins have been added to manage content setup and management of private data and members. The menu required specialized adaptation for responsive purposes. The long term goal for this Trumer site is to develop four additional variations for each additional language required. Currently only the English version has been launched and the other versions revert to their previous website.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies