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Blue Training Systems

Blue Training Systems BEFORE the re-design.

Blue Training Systems (BTS) has previously built numerous websites with NetClimber Web Design. The first BTS website was a NetClimber custom CMS website which solely focused on the Blue Baton product. As Blue Training Systems developed more products, NetClimber built more websites using WordPress to market them. Each website focused on a unique product – Eye Gouge Head, the Gi Bag, and Cuff Training Tape. While each product website was having a good response and proved useful for marketing, it was time to consolidate all products onto one site with the inclusion of a brand new product, Blue Training Knife.

Using WordPress and the flexibility of the Cornerstone page builder, NetClimber delivered a visually appealing site that was consistent with and reinforced Blue Training System’s branding. A main focus of the site was to bring to the forefront the variety of products created by BTS, how to properly use each product and where to purchase them. Blue Training Systems used our Content Entry service in order to get the website up and running for a trade show. Content was added as quickly and efficiently as possible to achieve this deadline.

Eye Gouge Head Home Page

Eye Gouge Head Home Page BEFORE the re-design.

The Gi Bag Home Page

The Gi Bag Home Page BEFORE the re-design.

Cuff Training Tape Home Page

Cuff Training Tape Home Page BEFORE the re-design.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies