Last Minute Holiday Marketing With Facebook

5 last minute holiday marketing ideas

Did the holidays sneak up on you?

One minute you are head down getting through the busy summer, next thing you know its almost December? You haven’t started any marketing yet and the holidays are less than a month away!

Not to worry, Facebook allows you to quickly promote yourself and save your holiday seasons sales. Combining Facebook with offline promotion can yield exceptional results. Promoting the following marketing activities can all be completed on Facebook and other social media accounts.

For each example I will provide suggested promotion type and goal types.

First Some Facebook Terminology

There are many different types of promotions that you can purchase on Facebook. In this post I will talk about two of the most common (ads and boosting). Below is some terminology you will need to be aware of.

  • Boosted Posts
    • Paid promotion to increase the engagement/impressions of a post on your Facebook page.
  • Paid Advertisements
    • Separate advertisements that are eligible to show up in the sidebars, in people’s news feeds, or on other Facebook controlled websites/apps.
  • Engagement Goal
    • The goal of the promotion is to get people to engage (like, comment, share) with your content. Usually charged on a Cost Per Action (CPA or CPC) basis.
  • Impression Goal
    • The goal of the promotion is to get people to see your content. Usually charged on a Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) basis.

5 Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

The following is a list of quick marketing activities you can start promoting today on Facebook that will help market your business during the busiest shopping season of the year.

1.) Facebook Product Ads & Boosted Posts

A great way to promote yourself (relatively) quickly is through Facebook. Facebook ads give you excellent targeting, price flexibility, and creative options. Combined with their massive user base, you really are able to get your ads and products in front of the right people at the right time!

Facebook Ads

Create ads that promote your products and promotions for the holiday season. You can then target people near your physical store location, distribution facility, or whatever characteristics make up your target market. For example, if you sell hockey jerseys you want to target 25 year old males who like hockey, specialty clothing, and a specific team (say Canucks). This will allow you to place your ads for jerseys directly in front of your target market.

For more information see our guide on Facebook Ad Targeting.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Have a post about an upcoming event or promotion in your store on your Facebook page? You can boost the post to increase the number of people who see/engage with your post. You can choose your goal when setting up to get the most out of your promotion. Looking for shares and comments? Choose engagement. Looking to get your post in front of more people? Choose impressions.

For example if you own a kitchen goods store and currently have a post about your upcoming 60% off sale on your page. You want to get as many people as possible in your community to see it. You boost your post with the impressions goal, and target all people 18-65+ in Delta, BC (or your city), who are interested in cooking, baking, kitchens, etc.

Facebook will then make your post eligible to display to all people within your community that fit that description, and show your post to as many people as possible within your given budget.

For a quick overview of Boosting posts on Facebook see our step by step guide.

2.) Holiday Giveaways & Contests

A great way to grow engagement and exposure for your brand is to offer giveaways and contests. Promote these on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, In-store, and really anywhere your target market is. Giveaways and contests are great ways to grow your social media pages and get exposure to people who may not already know your brand. In addition you can promote these posts to drastically increase the reach on Facebook and Instagram.

Ideas for Holiday Contest Posts.

  • To enter follow your page
  • To enter tag a friend
  • To enter submit your post with a specific #Hashtag
  • To enter submit your picture/write up in a direct message (DM) and share a post with your #Hashtag

Or really anything else you can think of. The goal is to get the user to generate some engagement that will then amplify your post to their followers as well. The most common forms of this are tagging a friend, using a specific #Hashtag, following your page, or some combination of the above.

Use Facebook boosting with an engagement goal to maximize the number of people commenting or liking your promotions.

3.) Guerilla Street Marketing Campaigns

Buy a big box of candy canes or some other festive holiday treat and hand them out to people. Go to a busy part of town and hand them out along with promotional materials (business cards, flyers, specials etc) and engage with customers on the street level. Talk to them, see where they are going to do their holiday shopping.

This one on one engagement will help you gain insight into how to reach them in the future. Use event promotions on Facebook to promote your team being out and engaging with the community.

Set up an event and promote it with an impression goal to get the most eyeballs on your event.

4.) Holiday Sponsorship

Sponsor events, a local tree lighting, sponsor a float in the local Christmas parade. Get your name out there as much as you can. You don’t always need to sell people you just need to be out there and engaging with them. Being involved in the community goes a long way to increasing exposure and brand favourability.

Buy Facebook ads and boost posts mentioning the event and your companies sponsorship in the event. This will help to increase awareness of the event as well as your involvement.

Use impression campaign settings on both the ads and boosted posts to maximize the exposure of your campaigns.

5.) Large In Store Promotions

Creating a large promotion in your store that stands out from the rest gives you something specific you can promote online. Maybe you are the lowest price on this particular item anywhere? Promote it! Maybe you have a buy 1 get 2 free offer that is enticing enough to drive someone to your store.

Come up with something unique. Not just your run on the mill 2 for 1 or 25%-50% off offers. Be creative – with every purchase receive a free gingerbread house, or for every $100 spent you are entered into a draw for an all inclusive trip to Mexico. Whatever it is make it so people want to engage with it.

You can use Facebook ads set to maximize impressions and boosted posts set to maximize engagement (shares) to get as many eyeballs on the campaigns as possible.


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