How To Post On Facebook: The Basics

How to post on Facebook

Posting to Facebook is a challenge for many small businesses. They realize their business needs to be present in this space and nurture a following, however, they do not know where to start. So let’s start with the basics; Posting text, images and links to Facebook.

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Creating Posts on Facebook

There are many different types of posts on Facebook, Image, Video, Carousel, Text, Canvas, Polls, and many more!

In this post I will cover 3 basic types of posts as described below:

  1. Single Image and Text Post
  2. Single Image, Link, and Text Post
  3. (Carousel) Multiple Images, Links, and Text Post

1. Creating a Post: Image + Text Only

A) Click on Write Something Box

  • Click on write something box (as outlined in red below) – this will expand the box.

Facebook Business Homepage

B) Enter Text Within Box

  • Write whatever text you would like about the post within the expanded text box

Write Text in the text box

C) Click on Small Camera Icon to add Image from Computer

  • This will open up a window for you to select an image from your computer, navigate to the image location in your computer, select it, and select open. This will attach the image to the post.

D) Expanding the Post (Extra Photos + Messenger)

  • Use the + (outlined in red) to add more photos. Clicking the + will repeat the step above allowing you to attach a second (or third, fourth, up to tenth) image to the post.

facebook business pages adding images

  • Select the Speech Bubble icon to add a “Message Now” button to post. This will allow users to click a “Message Now” link that is attached to your post (see final step to see how it displays).

facebook business pages adding messenger

E) Publish or Schedule for a Later Date

  • Instant – Click Publish Button and your post will be shared
  • Delayed – Click the down arrow for options to save as a draft or schedule the post to be published at a specific date/time.

publishing and scheduling Facebook posts

F) Final Review & Editing Text

  • Once Posted – To edit the text select the arrow on the top right of the post and select Edit.
    • Note: only the text can be edited once a post has been shared. To change the photo you will need to repost.

Facebook - how to edit and delete your posts

  • The Message Now appears as highlighted in red below, if not selected during creation (Step D) it will not display.

Message now button on FB posts

2. Creating a Post: Link + Single Image + Text

A) Copy + Paste Link into Text Box

  • Click on text box to open pop-up

Open text window

  • Copy Link URL you would like to link to

copy url and past into facebook

  • Paste link inside of text box
    • This will open the meta information for the page (outlined in red below)
    • It will also automatically pull in some photos from the web page (to unselect these simply click the ones that are highlighted in blue and deselect them all)
    • Optional: Once the Meta data has displayed within the editor box you can remove the URL from the text area of the box.

review meta data in Facebook post

  • Add whatever text you would like into the upper portion of the text editor (where you pasted the URL)


removing the url in a facebook post


B) Add Image

  • Use one of the automatically imported images by selecting it (note if you are using multiple images you can drag them into the order you would like – more about that in the next post type)
  • If you want to use a different image use the + to navigate into your computer and attach a picture to the post in the exact same way we did in the first example.
    • Note: As you can see in this example the image will need to be resized before actually posting on Facebook. See our guide to Social Media image sizes for 2017 for the proper dimensions.

add images

C) Publish or Schedule Post

  • Instant – Click Publish Button and your post will be shared.
  • Delayed – Click the down arrow for options to save as a draft or schedule the post to be published at a specific date/time.

schedule or save draft of facebook post


3. Create a Post: Link + Multiple Images + Text

A) Copy + Paste URL you would like to Link to into text box

  • Follow the same first steps as above, select the Write Something box, copy + paste the URL of the page you wish to highlight (and remove link once meta data has loaded if you would like)
  • In this example we will be adding multiple product images to a post, the first few steps are all the same until we get to add the images.

Creating a Facebook Carousel 1

B) Add Images

  • Press the + button and select the images you wish to feature

Creating a Facebook Carousel 2

  • You can drag and drop the order of products in the image tray located at the bottom (highlighted in Red)

Creating a Facebook Carousel 4

C) Edit Product Image Descriptions (If Applicable)

  • Once there are multiple images selected, you are able to customize the link and text underneath each image.
  • Text Edit – to edit the text underneath each image hover over the text and click – it will open an editor text box – as outlined in Red.
  • Link Edit – to change individual links for each picture, click the two interlocking squares (see red arrow below). If you do not wish to edit individual links it remain the original link you added in step A.Creating a Facebook Carousel 5

D) Publish or Schedule Post

  • Instant – Click Publish Button and your post will be shared.
  • Delayed – Click the down arrow for options to save as a draft or schedule the post to be published at a specific date/time.

Creating a Facebook Carousel 6

E) Review Post

  • This is how the dual image post will display once posted

Creating a Facebook Carousel 7

4. Create a Post: Other Formats

  • Almost all other types of posts (video, job, polls, etc) are done in a similar way. For more detailed information about the following types of posts please contact [email protected]

The different types of Facebook posts available

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