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Note: This is a follow up to a post we created approximately 2 years ago

Google Voice No Longer Available in Canada

Although it was once possible to scrape together a usable Google Voice system in Canada the platform was never fully supported north of the border. With the latest updates this year Google Voice has integrated messaging and image transfer within the base app itself. This has caused the Google Hangouts work-around for Google Voice to be closed. As such Google Voice is no longer available in Canada, trying to sign up simply results in an error code being presented.

Google Voice Canada - No Longer Works

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Old Workaround Using Hangouts

Previously users were able to set up a Voice account using a US based phone number and access it via Google hangouts. This would allow Canadians to message and conference call through hangouts while redirecting their US phone number to their Canadian phone number. This worked because Google Hangouts was available internationally whereas Voice was not. by accessing messages through Hangouts it created a voice account that could then be set up and accessed in Canada.

Although Voice is not available in Canada any longer there are several other great substitutes that perform most (if not all) the same functionality as Google’s option.

Alternative Options for Google Voice in Canada

  • Skype – Probably the biggest player in this field. Skype is a high quality substitute for Google Voice.
  • – Fongo offers many similar features as Google Voice, however has some limited functionality.
  • Hushed App – The Hushed app is available in over 40+ countries and offers a wide range of flexibility.
  • WhatsApp – With end to end encryption and a large user-base WhatsApp is also a very strong replacement for Google Voice.

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