Google Algorithm Updates – Measuring Changes With MozCast

Mozcast SERP Results Analysis

Google’s Ever-Changing Search Algorithms

A few years ago Google’s algorithm changes were few and far between with major updates coming once maybe twice per year. Now through machine learning Google updates their algorithm’s several times per day with major changes coming two or three times a year.

These changes could range from changing the number of characters in a meta description to allowing ads in the local search pack, to even removing organic search results in favour of a single featured answer.

Measuring the Effect of Algorithm Updates on Search Results

With all these constant changes how does someone keep up or get a grasp on the volatility of the Google search environment.

Luckily a leader in the SEO community, Moz, has built a tool that monitors millions of search results and compares the changes to previous scans. The result is a simple and easy to use tool that quickly and easily tells you how active the changes to Google algorithm has been.

See today’s current weather with MozCast

Todays weather on mozcast - serp volatility

Current MozCast Forecast (at the time of this post) – Very volatile SERP’s


MozCast Weather Legend

MozCast Weather (From Little Change – Large Changes & Fluctuations)

As you can see above, the stormier & hotter the weather the more change has occurred within the sample of search engine results within the previous 24 hours. This tool is a great way to gauge how much the search environment is changing. It is recommended to consult a search specialist in periods of prolonged volatility to ensure your rankings are not affected too significantly.

If you have questions about the ever-changing search algorithims or have seen a dramatic impact on traffic from recent Google “Weather” contact us.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies