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Post Jobs on your Facebook Business Page

The News

Facebook has added yet another feature to their industry leading platform – job listings. Now businesses are able to post and promote their available job listings on their own Facebook page. They no longer have to publish a link to some third party website like Craigslist or even their own website. Facebook users like to stay on Facebook and this will allow users to browse jobs while remaining within the platform.

From a SMB perspective this is huge. It means businesses can now use their Facebook page – which they have spent considerable time and resources developing, to promote available positions. Oh and it is to the single largest network in the world. With 1.86 Billion global users you truly have an unlimited audience available at your fingertips.

Facebook’s slogan for their announcement was “take the work out of hiring”. This is what they aim to do. By giving businesses access to it’s entire user base and making posting jobs and responding to applicants easier than ever.

How Does It Work?

Unsurprisingly, Facebook has made posting and searching for jobs very, very simple. Below is a step by step guide to how to post a job as a business owner.

1- To get started click on the “Create a Jobs Post” button or the Jobs item in the menu.

Facebook Job Feature

2- Fill out the information about your job including Title, Location, Wage (optional) and description. You can choose to use your current banner image or upload a new one. I would choose to upload an image that is going to stand out and make people want to read your post.

Posting a job to Facebook

3- Click Submit and then you will be presented with this dialogue box. Note your ad will be live for 30 days – unless deleted earlier.

how to - post jobs to facebook

4- Now your ad is good to go (once approved) and will be visible to users searching on facebook.com/jobs

your job listing on facebook

5- You can view your job posting anytime by clicking the jobs section of the side menu

accessing Facebook jobs

That’s it! Simple and straightforward. When applicant apply for a position it will go directly to your messenger inbox and a notification will be sent to your email.

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