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Some of you may be aware of Google Analytics 360 Suite, additional GA tools released in May 2016. These tools proved very useful for enterprise level businesses and organizations and carried a cost to access them. The 360 Suite immediately provided higher limits of data collection as well as better attribution and funnel reporting. For large enterprise-level organizations these tools were worth paying for. However, for small business owners these tools were out of reach.

The exciting news is, in March 2017, Google released one of the 360 Suite tools – Data Studio – as a free tool for all users of Google Analytics. This is a fantastic tool!  It allows you to create visual and dynamic Google Analytics Dashboards.  You might be familiar with the existing Dashboards within Google Analytics. Many business owners set up summary dashboards to be emailed to them on a regular basis so they can easily stay connected with their website traffic.  However, there has been a disadvantage to these static dashboards. If viewer of the report notices an anomaly they would have to sign onto their Google Analytics account to investigate the data further. However, with a Data Studio Dashboard the data is LIVE! You can change data ranges and filters on the fly to dig deeper into the data.

Here are a few screen shots of existing templates that Google provides with Data Studio.

GA Dashboard

Data Studio Template for Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Data Studio Template for Google Search Console

Adwords Dashboard

Data Studio Template for Adwords


From the templates above, you can see how much data can be easily viewed and investigated on one page.  These live dashboards can be expanded to display several pages of information. By simply adjusting the data range (top right corner) or adjusting Filters (on Google Search Console dashboard) the live dashboard will display a completely new set of results.

When creating a Data Studio dashboard for your website, you can use the templates (above) as provided or as a jumping off point to customize your own live dashboard. If you don’t find the metrics you are looking for in these customized templates, you can start with a blank dashboard and create your own customized interactive dashboard. If creating your own dashboard, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Review your Google Analytics standard reports.
  2. Determine what questions you want answered in your dashboard.
  3. Map out what type of data fields, charts and tables you want to add to your dashboard.
  4. Note any calculated fields you would like to add – Yes! You can not only show Google Analytic metrics in this dashboard but you can also create new data to calculate customized percentages or other data elements.

Once your plan is in place, sign onto Data Studio with your Google Analytics login. Go to and select the drop down arrow beside SIGN IN.


Google Analytics Login


Then select Data Studio from the drop down list.


Data Studio Login


From here you can begin to create your own Data Studio interactive dashboards.

If you are interested in using Data Studio, but a little apprehensive about creating a dashboard, NetClimber Web Design consultants can get you started. We also provide the added service to create a customized dashboard to the your specifications. Give us a call at 604-628-2403 or email to discuss the use of live dashboards for your business.


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Building Successful Web Strategies