Creating Great Video Content

Creating great video content on a budget - tips and tricks for smb's

Video marketing is an excellent way to demonstrate your brand, culture, and highlight your business. The problem? Video can be very costly with 1 minute videos costing thousands of dollars to create professionally.

In this post I aim to demonstrate 2 things. 1- you NEED to be creating videos for promotional purposes and 2- you can do it affordably. Don’t believe me? Read on and let me change your mind.

You NEED to be creating video content

People like video, people engage with video, and companies are providing it for them – why aren’t you? It does not have to be anything groundbreaking but little daily updates, tips, tricks, highlights of your business are great for this kind of thing.

Below is a small video project I worked on for #DiscoverLadner (a shop local campaign I work on funded by the Ladner Business Administration). In one week this post garnered over 30,000 views 500+ shares and hundreds of page likes. Engagement like this has caused us to invest more heavily in video marketing in the coming year.

It highlights the local community and drives an emotional reaction from locals. Emotion drives results. If you can create a video that tugs at people you WILL get results, guaranteed. The question is – what can you highlight in your business that will evoke emotional reactions from people?

Some stats to convince you

Video content is the #1 most engaged with content on Social Media and other online websites. If you are not creating interesting relevant videos you are missing out on valuable engagement and traffic.

Below are some stats about video content you should consider:

Not convinced? See 37 more stats about video marketing that you didn’t know!

You can create video content affordably

OK so by now you are convinced you should be creating video (at least I hope!), but you might still be worried about cost – because yes, to get professional videos like the one above can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You are a small business, you don’t have the resources for that, so what do you do?! Well, you can make the videos yourself.

Most of us have very powerful cameras in our pockets, or have access to DSLR’s that can shoot incredible video for us. So, grab a tripod, grab your camera, think of an idea and get filming! Make sure to think of the little things like lighting, sound quality, story line etc. This will go a long way to making your video look professional

Get out there and try, it may take a couple iterations before you get it just right but trust me, you will get there. You just have to start capturing video.

Once you have the video footage you will need to edit your video. Now I recommend using a desktop program such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, however, there are some very good options for mobile devices. My personal favourite is Splice, created by Go Pro, it allows for some really solid mobile editing solutions.

You do not need fancy cameras, drones, and expensive professionals to make high quality video. You just need your phone and motivation, you will be able to figure the rest out as you go. Check out the best practices for creating video with your iPhone below.

Creating Video Using Your iPhone

Check out this awesome video made by video marketing & hosting company They explain what you need to consider and best practices when creating video using your iPhone.

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