Creating a Custom Snapchat Filter for Your Business

Small Business Geo-Filters

Create Snapchat Filters for Your Small Business

Snapchat Filters are a great way to promote your brand in and around your service area. As such Snapchat has allowed businesses to purchase filters that are located within a specific geographic area. When a user takes a picture inside of the geographic area they are presented with the custom filter as one of their options.

What Are Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat filters are frames or layered elements that are placed on top of a picture within the popular photo messaging app Snapchat. These filters are meant to enhance the photo to make it more interesting or to give location data.

Below are a few examples of Snapchat filters:

Example of Restaurant Filter example of geofilters


retirement party geofilter Example of restaurants geofilter - sushi


How Much Does A Snapchat Geofilter Cost?

The cost of geofilters varies greatly and is primarily driven by how long you would like to have it available, the size of your geographic region, or fence, and the prominence of the location. The rough estimation is approximately $5 for each 20,000 square feet included inside your geofence.

Note: All costs are in USD and are therefore subject to exchange rates. 

Step-By-Step Instructions for Snapchat Filters

1- Login to your Snapchat account on

2- Either Create your filter using a template of upload a file that has been created for your business.

  • If you already have a filter click upload to import
  • If you don’t you can select a template and customize as you would like

Upload or Design your custom geofilter

3- Next select the dates you wish to have your Geofilter available for

  • Note: only some locations are eligible for ongoing filters or annually renewed filters

Choose dates and times for custom geofilters

4- Choose Location

  • This is where you can create your geo-fence – selecting exactly where you would like your filter to be located (see green box below). You can either choose a specific address or create a custom geographical area. For the example below I used a custom box around NetClimber’s office.
  • Note: If you would like to set up the filter indefinitely you can click on the date range at the top right and select “run indefinitely, renewing annually”

Creating a Custom Geo-Fence

5- Checkout

  • Fill in your credit card information, confirm your purchase details and click submit
  • Note: There is an approval process – once the filter is approved you will be notified and charged for your filter

Final Checkout Geofilters

6- Review Stats

  • After a 24 hour waiting period your statistics will start to show up within your Snapchat account. This will tell you how many people have viewed your filter on their devices (swipes), how many times it has been used (uses), and how many times it has been displayed to Snapchat users (views).

Custom Geofilter metrics

Voila! Now you have a branded presence on Snapchat in and around your store location!

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