NetClimber + X-Theme = Child Theme

If you have a WordPress website, you may have noticed in the back end under Appearance, something called Themes. The theme of the site controls

Mobile Traffic Growth for SMB’s

Mobile traffic has increased for just about every website in recent years. As mobile becomes a larger and larger percentage of your total web traffic

Benefits of Custom Website Development

The Benefits of Custom Website Development Many businesses these days are choosing to create websites using a do-it-yourself proprietary service or by using default templates

Voice Search & Your Website

This is a follow up post to Voice Commands Continue to Change Search Voice search continues to rise, and with the increased adoption of smart

Our Big Move – Server Transition

NetClimber recently invested in some new web hosting servers with new advanced applications including LiteSpeed web server software for improved website performance, and LetsEncrypt AutoSSL

File Sizes & Load Times

The following article is a quick overview of page speed issues caused by large images. It includes links to a couple of useful resources I

The Importance of HTTPS

HTTP vs HTTPS It may only be one letter different but it makes a world of difference. The little “S” at the end changes the

WordCamp Vancouver 2016 Review

WordCamp 2016 In late August I was able to attend WordCamp 2016. WordCamp Vancouver is a yearly, one-day workshop with multiple tracks to learn more about WordPress

Google Fights Web Spam

Web Spam is a big problem. It pushes useless duplicate content, manipulates search engines for it’s own gain, and can be very dangerous for you,

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies