How To: Optimizing Your Site With Yoast SEO Plugin

Update June 14, 2018: Since we initially published this post Yoast SEO published an update (version 7.0) that caused some major issues for some websites.

Reviewing Content Quality for SEO Purposes

What is Content Quality? According to Google content quality is the perception of accuracy and usefulness of your websites content to the user. Google wants

Generating A Direct Link to Review Your Google My Business Page

Online Reviews If you are like most business owners you understand that you need to get reviews online. Easy right? Not so much! Almost all

Benefits of Custom Website Development

The Benefits of Custom Website Development Many businesses these days are choosing to create websites using a do-it-yourself proprietary service or by using default templates

Voice Search & Your Website

This is a follow up post to Voice Commands Continue to Change Search Voice search continues to rise, and with the increased adoption of smart

Creating a Custom Snapchat Filter for Your Business

Create Snapchat Filters for Your Small Business Snapchat Filters are a great way to promote your brand in and around your service area. As such

Last Minute Holiday Marketing With Facebook

Did the holidays sneak up on you? One minute you are head down getting through the busy summer, next thing you know its almost December?

How To Post On Facebook: The Basics

Posting to Facebook is a challenge for many small businesses. They realize their business needs to be present in this space and nurture a following,

Basics of Facebook: Boosting a Post

Advertising on Facebook: Boosting Posts Boosting is an effective way to increase the number of people who are viewing and engaging with your Facebook posts.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies