Managing Your Online Security – 5 Quick Tips

Do you ever wonder how safe you are online? The truth is, it’s almost impossible to tell these days, however, there are a few things

Google Spam Calling in 2018

We have written about Google Spam Calling in the past, however, due to a continued increase in these spam calls to local businesses we thought

Privacy & Your Domain Registration

The Problem In recent months we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of spam calls and emails to either ourselves or our clients

Aggressive Newsletter Marketing – Acceptable Practice?

I recently signed up with Expedia for a service. At the time I was asked if I would like to receive promotional emails. I chose

Google Documents Scam

The Scam A phishing scam has been making the rounds recently. It is a quite sophisticated scam that uses a 3rd party application (posing as a

Google Spam Calling

What’s Happening? In recent months there has been a massive uptick in phone calls from “Google” offering local search optimization or other SEO services. It

Beware of Google ID: Profile Inaccurate Emails

Beware of a recent email phishing scam with a Subject line –  Google ID: Profile Inaccurate.  This email appears to be from Google but it

Another Email Scam – this time for domain owners

This week I’ve seen an increase in an email scam for domain owners. An email arrives to you as the domain owner and implies that

10 Steps to Protect Your Online Identity

Everyday technology and the internet are part of our lives. Whether you are driving down the road follwing a Nav application, purchasing a gift online

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies