Google Voice In Canada

Note: This is a follow up to a post we created approximately 2 years ago.  Google Voice No Longer Available in Canada Although it was

Updates to Google My Business

Google’s business listings have undergone several significant changes over the last few months. Google My Business (GMB) pages now allow for posts to be added

The Importance of HTTPS

HTTP vs HTTPS It may only be one letter different but it makes a world of difference. The little “S” at the end changes the

Dark Traffic – what is it?

Dark Traffic? Dark traffic is traffic that is mislabeled by analytics engines such as Google Analytics. This means that if a click came from Social

Search Engine Marketing Infographic

Be Found in Search with SEO & PPC Search engines are the primary way in which people navigate the internet. If you are not being

Paid Ads in Local Search Results

The News In July 2016 I wrote about Google beginning to allow the inclusion of Ads in the local map results. Well it appears that

Google Partner Agency – What is a partner?

What is a Google Partner? You have likely heard agencies saying they are a Google Partner, but what does that really mean? A Google Partner

Data Studio – Exciting New Google Analytics Tool

Some of you may be aware of Google Analytics 360 Suite, additional GA tools released in May 2016. These tools proved very useful for enterprise

Aggressive Newsletter Marketing – Acceptable Practice?

I recently signed up with Expedia for a service. At the time I was asked if I would like to receive promotional emails. I chose

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies