Managing Your Online Security – 5 Quick Tips

Do you ever wonder how safe you are online? The truth is, it’s almost impossible to tell these days, however, there are a few things

Reviewing Content Quality for SEO Purposes

What is Content Quality? According to Google content quality is the perception of accuracy and usefulness of your websites content to the user. Google wants

Generating A Direct Link to Review Your Google My Business Page

Online Reviews If you are like most business owners you understand that you need to get reviews online. Easy right? Not so much! Almost all

Google Algorithm Updates – Measuring Changes With MozCast

Google’s Ever-Changing Search Algorithms A few years ago Google’s algorithm changes were few and far between with major updates coming once maybe twice per year.

Mobile Traffic Growth for SMB’s

Mobile traffic has increased for just about every website in recent years. As mobile becomes a larger and larger percentage of your total web traffic

Recent Changes To Google My Business Pages

Google has made many changes to¬† their Google My Business (GMB) platform recently. GMB is Google’s local business listing management system. These changes are a

Google Spam Calling in 2018

We have written about Google Spam Calling in the past, however, due to a continued increase in these spam calls to local businesses we thought

Voice Search & Your Website

This is a follow up post to Voice Commands Continue to Change Search Voice search continues to rise, and with the increased adoption of smart

Privacy & Your Domain Registration

The Problem In recent months we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of spam calls and emails to either ourselves or our clients

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies