How to post on Facebook

How To Post On Facebook: The Basics

Posting to Facebook is a challenge for many small businesses. They realize their business needs to be present in this space and nurture a following,

Basics of Facebook: Boosting a Post

Advertising on Facebook: Boosting Posts Boosting is an effective way to increase the number of people who are viewing and engaging with your Facebook posts.

Updates to Google My Business

Google’s business listings have undergone several significant changes over the last few months. Google My Business (GMB) pages now allow for posts to be added

The Importance of HTTPS

HTTP vs HTTPS It may only be one letter different but it makes a world of difference. The little “S” at the end changes the

Google Local Search Rankings

Verified Home Service Businesses

Google has once again changed the way that it manages service area businesses in the search results. This time they have created a program called

Image Licensing - guide to using other peoples images

Understanding Image Licensing Online

Purchasing & Using Other People’s Images Online & Offline Image licensing can be complicated if you do not fully understand the different licenses. What’s allowed,

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies