Benefits of Custom Website Development

The Benefits of Custom Website Development

Many businesses these days are choosing to create websites using a do-it-yourself proprietary service or by using default templates to minimize costs and speed up launch.

There are two major problems with these types of websites. Firstly, you do not own the code for the site. On proprietary platforms such as Squarespace, if you want to leave their services you are not able to take your website with you, meaning you have to start from scratch. Secondly, often with templates there are hundreds or thousands of sites using them – making them common and vulnerable to attack.

It is important for all businesses to have a website and many business owners see it as an obligation, therefore opting for the cheapest option available. Instead of seeing it as an obligation business owners should look at their website as an opportunity. It is able to provide information to people looking for your business or services 24/7 365. It is a salesman that never sleeps, never takes a day off, and never stops working for you! Investing in a custom developed site capitalizes on the opportunity – allowing for greater flexibility, long term growth, and helping your business stand out among the crowd of competitors.

Here are 5 ways custom development can benefit your company:

  1. Brand Brand Brand
    You worked hard to create a brand that people would recognize. That perfect logo; your story and messaging; why you stand out from the rest in your industry… these should all be reflected in your website. Your website is an extension of your overall branding. Don’t miss the opportunity to show it off.
  2. Get Found By Google
    Taking the time to implement solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – fast load time, quality meta data, solid navigation structure, and well thought out content, will make a great impact in your website search results on Google, Bing and other search engines.
  3. Meet Customer Expectations
    The overall user interface of your website should be both friendly to use and meet the requirements for accessibility and hardware. Addressing the best practices in your website development, allows you to meet these standards and provide your customers with the best possible user experience.
  4. Scalability
    A custom site can be built with scalability in mind. It may be an added expense in the initial build, but with consideration it can be built with flexibility to adapt to future needs. The site can then be dynamic and grow with your requirements.
  5. Security
    Unfortunately all websites are vulnerable to attacks, but measures can be taken to greatly reduce risks. Implementing added custom security features will protect both you and your visitors and help protect your reputation – as no one is impressed by getting a virus from visiting an infected website.

Get a Website that is built for your business.

Custom web development is an investment that you will value for years to come. Like your storefront and other marketing, it will reflect who you are and how you want to be known, and NetClimber can help you by building the website that meets and exceeds the presentation you want to make to the world.

Building Successful Web Strategies

Building Successful Web Strategies