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Our service-oriented, consultative approach to all our web design, development and marketing clients focuses on building long term client relationships. Backed by a solid reputation in the web design world built on trust and expertise, we bring clarity to website design and online marketing. By taking the time to understand your business logic, we help you identify and develop customized web strategies and solutions. Our team of experienced web developers, graphic designers, website marketing strategists and consultants, know the most effective ways to connect with your audience. Long term, we are here to partner with you through the growth of the online identity of your business.

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NetClimber Web Design strives to create websites that will meet your needs and expectations. From web design and development to web marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are here to help create and/or maintain a website that fits your brand and business needs.

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Built on a foundation of integrity, trust and reliability, we are a full-service web design, development and marketing team of individuals with strong technical and design skills combined with years of industry experience. We are a driven team with a proven track record for helping businesses develop an online presence. We are passionate about our work and strive for excellence, holding a high-standard for our end goal of delivering an enjoyable user experience and overall customer satisfaction.

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We believe that our goal is to add value to our clients’ business through objective driven web strategies. We provide expertise and guidance along with original designs, custom development, business specific web marketing strategies, and experienced internet related consulting. We serve all sizes and types of business, both locally and globally. Our goal is to improve your online presence and we take pride in every solution we create.

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How can I add a signature to my email messages in Microsoft Outlook Web App?

    1.  To create an email signature, first log into your outlook web-mail app https://outlook.office.com 
    2. On the navigation bar, choose Outlook (or Mail).
      Choose App launcher app-launcher-icon Outlook.
    3. On the nav bar, choose Settings settings-icon Options.
    4. Under Options, choose Settings > Mail.
      Under Options, choose MAIL > Layout > Email signature.
    5. Under Email signature, in the text box, add your image and signature. You can use the editor to stylize and format your text, and have the capabilities to change the font face, color, size, background, insert hyperlinks, bullets, numbered lists, etc.
      NOTE: To include an image within your signature, you can copy the image from a source and paste that image in the text box.
    6. If you want your signature to display at the bottom of all outgoing items, including replies and forwards, select Automatically include my signature on messages I send. If you don’t select this option, you manually can add your signature to any message.
    7. Choose Save 
    8. Once you’ve saved, send a test email to yourself to confirm this process has worked.

If you need assistance in building a professional email signature for your brand, please give us a call so we can help.

Why isn’t Mac Mail saving sent messages?

Research shows that this is a common problem with the Mac Mail. The following two links provide a lot of good info for setting up Mac Mail and you could also go to your Apple Store for technical assistance.


The fourth question on this link listed discusses mail not being saved.


I’d like to have my WordPress website scanned for Malware. Is this an option?

Within the NetClimber High Performance Security, Monitoring and Sync Package, we can implement daily malware scanning for your WordPress site. Sucuri SiteCheck uses a 10-point site check to scan your site for known malware, blacklist status, website errors and out-of-date software and generate a notification if anything is found.

What is Google reCAPTCHA and why use it?

Google reCAPTCHA is an extra layer of protection which can be added to the most vulnerable pages on your website, such as the admin login page, user registration pages, and other web forms.

What clients say

I worked with NetClimber on the development of our new website and building of an online employee review portal.  From concept to finished product,  the entire team was a pleasure to work with.  They hit their deadlines, were responsive to changes and acted as a true partner in the process.  I would highly recommend NetClimber to anyone looking to take their website or marketing material to the next level.

- Mike Nunn, VP Operations, Ideon Packaging